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Memory #28

RyoukoLocation: Moon Kingdom
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Weekend is here and finals approach, but nonetheless I manage to waste use a little time to post an update! ^_^

• As previously mentioned, I’ve replaced my contact page with a new temporary one, featuring Mio from MM! ♥
• In Memory #26,  I forgot to mention that I’ve joined another rotation to Daisuki~!: Reverence, a Bishoujo Claiming Rotation  run by Shuu! ♥ I’ve chosen Sheryl Nome as claim. ♥ Plus, I added a wonderful pixel avatar of Kisa that Dorothy gave to me ♥♥♥


Miriallia  finally got its second skin, I’ve been meaning to do it for longtime, and now finally I managed! For this reason, I’ve edited the splash. Furthermore, I’ve fixed a few things in ccs and html, modified some of the images here and there in the Gray Witch skin and did slight changes to the layout too, modified the rules and the memberlist template, updated the about page, deleted the closed affiliates and those that are not linking back,  re-made some of the codes because the contrast wasn’t enough, and made some new ones:  7* 50×50, 5*75×50, 8*100×50, 4*200×40.
Shizuo, for it is now listed at the Physical Fanlisting Network too, got new codes for each size, and a favourite field, so joining members can states if they’re fan of the whole character or only of his physical appearence. I’ve also modified the way the member list is displayed and some of the sprites, and finally I’ve deleted the affiliates who have closed.
• again because of the crosslisting, Kurisu and Rika got new codes. Dantalion got a new code for each size too. ♥_♥
• Rika also got a donation by Jessica, as well as Rina, while again Kurisu, and Anis, Diamond Crevasse and Saeko got a donation from Kula ♥ Georgina and Nekoi kindly donated some codes for Lip Balm and Marriage/Matrimony. ♥
• a bunch of fanlistings got new, updated and deleted affiliates, but I’m not going to mention them here since they’re too many: but this post will be under they category.
• sad thing, I’ve decided to close a couple of fanlistings: S.P.K. (Special Provision for Kira) and Unlimited Sky. The reason is that I haven’t the motivation to revamp them, even if I still love the subjects. But I don’t plan to close more, for time being. On a side note, I’ve been thinking to build a custom page for moved and closed fanlisting,when I’ll have some spare time.

I’ve also made a tiny changement here, I put the archive on the third coloumn, since the categories are so many! ^^;

That’s all, for today~


Memory #27

Ferris ErisLocation: Should be on the books..
Currently listening to: Kanon Wakeshima – Still Doll
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Finally I get a moment to post an update about the new fanlistings that are now part of my collective.. who hopefully will be soon finally online ^_^;


Actresses/Musicians: Female
Yukari Tamura

Anime/Manga: Characters 0-M
Tomoe Mami

Anime/Manga: Characters N-Z
Kirishiki Sunako Sakana-chan

Anime/Manga: Music of
BSSM Music of

Anime/Manga: Relationships
Aino Minako/Sailor Venus & Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon Kid, Liz & Patty

Characters: TV
Dr. Carter

Fashion/Beauty >> Health & Beauty Products
Lip Balm

Games >> Relationships
Balthier & Fran Asbel & Cheria Asbel & Sophie

Musicians: Bands/Groups
Queens of the Stone Age

Musicians: Male
Josh Homme



Anime/Manga Characters: Male
Characters: Male
Heiwajma Shizuo


Anime/Manga: Characters 0-M
Furude Rika

Anime/Manga: Characters N-Z
Makise Kurisu

Characters: Book/Movie
Kirishiki Sunako


Anime/Manga: Characters 0-M
Belldandy Thanks to Zee
Ayuzawa Misaki Thanks to Rainie

Anime/Manga: Characters N-Z
Tsuyuri Kohane Thanks to Raven

The My fanlistings and KIM List pages have been updated. If you don’t see your name there, I haven’t received your KIM request, so please send again! And obviously, affiliates are very welcome, just contact me! ♥

Coming soon:
• another update post;
• upcoming fanlistings: two Anime/Manga characters, one Anime/Manga relationship, a co-owned Anime/Manga relationship thanks to Dorothy who lovely asked me ♥♥♥, a Toys/Collectibles adoption, one anime episode;
• a temporary contact page since I want to get rid of the old one (not because of you, Yuu, I swear, so please put Mugen down), and while I’ll be waiting for the a new one who a kind friend made for me as gift ♥;
• new title and layout for my collective, plus some change in its structure;
• also would like to open Kiri no Hana, but it’s not my priority at the moment, so will need few months, I suppose. Same goes for revamps and for the fanlistings that still need to be moved to the main domain.. sorry T_T

For tonight, I think that’s all. Mata ne~

Memory #26

Location: On the doorstep
Currently listening to: Kalafina – Magia
Mood: resigned

Us usual.. long time no updating! XD Guess the update blog wasn’t my top priority. Anyway, I’ve added some of the new fanlistings I’ve opened/adopted in the meanwhile in the My fanlistings page, and soon I’ll try to publish a post here about them.

In the meanwhile, I’m finished with the project I had for my joined page. I moved it to a subfolder and names it Daisuki~!, slightly changed the css and the html for a better display, and replaced all the codes I could with 75×50-sized ones. When I’ll have a little time, I’ll finish to replace some in few pages and make some others for those fanlistings who miss that particular size.  And obviously, joining more fanlistings! I haven’t changed the layout because I’m fond of the present one, I think I’m going to keep it for longtime. All of this is part of a bigger project for my collective that I have already written and ready on paper, but needed to be transposed in the reality.

I’ve also made a couple of little changes here. Since the post were going to be all named in a very similar way, I’ve decided to give them a fixed title, with an increasing number. So, I left the opening post as it was, and named the other starting form the second one Memory #x. I think it is very fitting to the name of this update blog. Plus, I moved the tag cloud in the second coloumn from the right.

Well, guess that’s all for today. Stay tuned for more~

Memory #25

Location: Eva-05
Currently listening to: Spinnerette – Ghetto love
Mood: busy

Few updates made in the last days:

• Added awards to Loki (50 members) and Megumi Yamamoto (25 members) ♥;
• Added three new codes to Ferris;
• one new affiliate for Bass Guitars, plus added one code donated by Georgina, and the memberlist. Now I’ll have to revamp (the layout is really ugly T_T) and add the codes donated by the previous owner;
• added three new BSSM affiliates to Luna and Hearts in Ice;
• one new affiliate to Rina;
Lambda got finally the affiliates on the main page even if someone is still missing, and a bunch of new codes donated by Rachel;
Bern got Erika as partner and new affiliate;
• I’ve started to fix the page of my joined section of the collective, sightly changed the html and adding new joined fanlisting.

Memory #24

Location: Cut in half in Boemia
Currently listening to: Lea Michele & Chris Colfer – Defying Gravity
Mood: relaxed

Because of my health,  lately I’m not being around so much, and had to work in a rush. I’m slowly coming back and I hope a better period awaits ^_^ In the meanwhile, these are the latest addictions to the network! ♥


Anime/Manga: Characters 0-M
Touin Rina

Anime/Manga: Characters N-Z
Kisa Tachikawa Kisaki

Anime/Manga: Relationships
Kanade & Yurippe Clare & Teresa Rika & Satoko

Games >> Characters
Makise Kurisu Kirisame Marisa

Guardian Angels

People Miscellany >> Love and Relationships
Marriage - Matrimony


Characters: Book/Movie
Cheshire Cat Ferris Eris

Games >> Characters

Games >> Relationships
Rika & Satoko


Music Miscellany

Bass Thanks to Wendy

The My fanlistings page has been updated accordingly.

Memory #23

Location: Hinamizawa ♥
Currently listening to: The Distillers – Drain the Blood
Mood: sleepy

Not a big update today~ Just wanted to introduce my new fanlisting, the first one managed with Tess’ script Listing Adming ♥ A big thanks goes to her for her kindness she had with a script dumb like me XD


Sawashiro Miyuki

Mata ne~

Memory #22

Location: Rokkenjima
Currently listening to: Ono Daisuke – Tsugaru Kaikyou ・ Fuyugeshiki
Mood: stressed

Time to pimp the latest addiction to the Kiri no Hana network~


Anime/Manga: Characters 0-M
Ferris Erris Busujima Saeko

Anime/Manga: Characters N-Z
Frederica Lambdadelta

Anime/Manga: Movies/Ovas
Hearts in Ice

Anime/Manga: Songs

Arts and Designs

Songs: Bands/Groups 0-M + Songs: Various
Neutron Star Collision


Anime/Manga: Characters 0-M
Cornelia Le Britannia Thanks to Kula!

Other little updates:
Nagi got a partner, Haruka Tomatsu ♥;
• modifed the statistics template of Coco, Ferio, Kamiya Kazuhito, Arima Reiji and Teardrop;
Ushio‘s layout partially restyled: changed the color and added a pattern to the content background, and consequently changed the titles to fit the new background.Now I like it more! ♥

These fanlisting has been added to the My fanlistings page. Also update the KIM List page, so if you send request and I haven’t replied, I haven’t received it, so please send again 🙂

Coming soon with new fanlistings to be finished~♥